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Traditional research has confronted only Mexican and United States interpretations of Mexican-American culture. Now we must also examine the culture as we Mexican Americans have experienced it, passing from a sovereign people to compatriots with newly arriving settlers to, finally, a conquered people—a charter minority on our own land.

When the Spanish first came to Mexico, they intermarried with and absorbed the culture of the indigenous Indians. This policy of colonization through acculturation was continued when Mexico acquired Texas in the early 1800's and brought the indigenous Indians into Mexican life and government. In the 1820's, United States citizens migrated to Texas, attracted by land suitable for cotton. As their numbers became more substantial, their policy of acquiring land by subduing native populations began to dominate. The two ideologies clashed repeatedly, culminating in a military conflict that led to victory for the United States. Thus, suddenly deprived of our parent culture, we had to evolve uniquely Mexican-American modes of thought and action in order to survive.

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The author's purpose in writing this passage is primarily to

  • A suggest the motives behind Mexican and United States intervention in Texas
  • B document certain early objectives of Mexican-American society
  • C provide a historical perspective for a new analysis of Mexican-American culture
  • D appeal to both Mexican and United States scholars to give greater consider- ation to economic interpretations of history
  • E bring to light previously overlooked research on Mexican Americans

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