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State park officials recently released a report urging hikers in Rockridge Mountain Park to exercise caution during the months of April and May. According to the report, the number of mountain lion sightings in the park reaches its peak in the months of April and May.

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All of the following could account for the increased number of mountain lion sightings EXCEPT

  • A During April and May, which feature the best hiking weather of the year, more people visit the park than during any other time of year.
  • B Throughout the year, local newspapers report any mountain lion sightings, and most reports come during the months of April and May.
  • C The red-tailed deer, the mountain lion's primary food source, is most abundant during these months and tends to favor hiking trails.
  • D In spring, the trail conditions are best for mountain bikers, who, because they make less noise than hikers, are more likely to startle mountain lions.
  • E Creek beds high in the mountains tend to dry up in spring, so mountain lions often descend into the lower elevations, where hikers are more common.

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