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It is a popular misconception that nuclear fusion power is free of radioactivity; in fact, the deuterium-tritium reaction that nuclear scientists are currently exploring with such zeal produces both alpha particles and neutrons. (The neutrons are used to produce tritium from a lithium blanket surrounding the reactor.) Another common misconception is that nuclear fusion power is a virtually unlimited source of energy because of the enormous quantity of deuterium in the sea. Actually, its limits are set by the amount of available lithium, which is about as plentiful as uranium in the Earth's crust. Research should certainly continue on controlled nuclear fusion, but no energy program should be premised on its existence until it has proven practical.

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It can be inferred from the passage that the author believes which of the following about the current state of public awareness concerning nuclear fusion power?

  • A The public has been deliberately misinformed about the advantages and disadvantages of nuclear fusion power.
  • B The public is unaware of the principal advantage of nuclear fusion over nuclear fission as an energy source.
  • C The public's awareness of the scientific facts concerning nuclear fusion power is somewhat distorted and incomplete.
  • D The public is not interested in increasing its awareness of the advantages and disadvantages of nuclear fusion power.
  • E The public is aware of the disadvantages of nuclear fusion power but not of its advantages.

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