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The culture surrounding popular music is constantly under scrutiny because of its influence on the already unpredictable teenage society, a group that comprises the main consumers of this type of music. Critics of pop music fear the sway that icons in this genre hold over adolescents because of the preconceived negative stereotypes these icons represent. The nature of the language used in the lyrics and the actions documented in the lifestyles of the artists serve to feed this concern. Pop music is subsequently held responsible for many of the turbulent issues facing teenagers. However, this unease and the oversimplified views held by older generations do not deter record labels and artists from continuing to create and mass-market not only music, but also behavior to the youth of the world.

Question List: 1

In the context in which it appears, "preconceived" most nearly means

  • A inflexible
  • B envisioned
  • C considered
  • D elaborated
  • E predetermined

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