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While most scholarship on women's employment in the United States recognizes that the Second World War (1939-1945) dramatically changed the role of women in the workforce, these studies also acknowledge that few women remained in manufacturing jobs once men returned from the war. But in agriculture, unlike other industries where women were viewed as temporary workers, women's employment did not end with the war. Instead, the expansion of agriculture and a steady decrease in the number of male farmworkers combined to cause the industry to hire more women in the postwar years. Consequently, the 1950s saw a growing number of women engaged in farm labor, even though rhetoric in the popular media called for the return of women to domestic life.

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The author mentions Schumann and Brahms primarily in order to

  • A provide examples of composers who are often compared with Mendelssohn
  • B identify certain composers who are more popular than Mendelssohn
  • C identify composers whom Mendelssohn influenced
  • D establish the milieu in which Mendelssohn worked
  • E establish a standard of comparison for Mendelssohn as a composer

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