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It would be wonderful to observe a singularity (an infinitely dense concentration of matter) and obtain direct evidence of the undoubtedly bizarre phenomena that occur near one. Unfortunately, in most cases a distant observer cannot see the singularity; outgoing light rays are dragged back by gravity so forcefully that even if they could start out within a few kilometers of the singularity, they would end up in the singularity itself.

Question List: 1

Which of the following sentences would most probably follow the last sentence of the passage?

  • A Thus, a physicist interested in studying phenomena near singularities would necessarily hope to find a singularity with a measurable gravitational field.
  • B Accordingly, physicists to date have been unable to observe directly any singularity.
  • C It is specifically this startling phenomenon that has allowed us to codify the scant information currently available about singularities.
  • D Moreover, the existence of this extra- ordinary phenomenon is implied in the extensive reports of several physicists.
  • E Although unanticipated, phenomena such as these are consistent with the structure of a singularity.

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