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Many philosophers disagree over the definition of morality, but most disputants fall into one of two categories; egocentrics, who define morality as the pursuit of self-fulfillment, and sociocentrics, who define morality as an individual's obligations to society. Where does the truth lie? Fortunately, the stem of the word "morality" provides some clues. The word "mores" originally referred to the customs of preliterate cultures. Mores, which embodied each culture's ideal principles for governing every citizen, were developed in the belief that the foundation of a community lies in the cultivation of individual powers to be placed in service to the community. These mores were concerned with such skills as food- gathering and warfare as well as an individual's relationships with others. Thus, I submit "morality" must be concerned with what is honored by the community at large. However, self-fulfillment is important to morality because unfulfilled citizens, no matter how virtuous, cannot perform the duties morality assigns them.

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The primary purpose of this passage is to

  • A summarize an argument
  • B resolve a dispute
  • C trace a word's origin
  • D prove a hypothesis
  • E initiate a debate

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