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The vote to demote Pluto from the status of planet was made by only 5% of astronomers, a fact lending force to the opposition's stance. The original intention of the summit was to preserve Pluto as the ninth planet, but the definition supporting that decision would also regulate that a number of other bodies in space be considered as planets, and thus, it was considered false. The resolution came a little over a week later stating that Pluto is, in fact, in a class of dwarf planets. Brown contends that dwarf planets are outside the scope of what defines a planet. He also believes that hundreds of dwarf planets exist that are yet unrecognized.But the term dwarf planet is confusing if the celestial body being referred to is not a planet. Gingerich believes this to be true and hopes that public opinion and further investigating will overturn the demotion.

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The author's primary purpose in the passage is to

  • A support the concepts surrounding the movement to make Pluto a planet
  • B detail the issues involved in the decision to remove Pluto's status as a planet
  • C analyze the various theories on Pluto's position in the solar system
  • D emphasize the size and shape of the planet Pluto
  • E promote the ideas of one astronomer over another's.

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