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Extended debate concerning the exact point of origin of individual folktales told by Afro-American slaves has unfortunately taken precedence over analysis of the tales' meaning and function. Cultural continuities with Africa were not dependent on importation and perpetuation of specific folktales in their pristine form. It is in the place that tales occupied in the lives of the slaves and in the meaning slaves derived from them that the clearest resemblances to African tradition can be found. Afro-American slaves did not borrow tales indiscriminately from the Whites among whom they lived. Black people were most influenced by those Euro-American tales whose functional meaning and aesthetic appeal had the greatest similarity to the tales with deep roots in their ancestral homeland. Regardless of where slave talcs came from, the essential point is that, with respect to language, delivery, , details of characterization, and plot, slaves quickly made them their own.

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The author's main purpose is to

  • A create a new field of study
  • B discredit an existing field of study
  • C change the focus of a field of study
  • D transplant scholarly techniques from one field of study to another
  • E restrict the scope of a burgeoning new field of study

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