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Although a historical lack of access to formal Spanish-language education initially limited the opportunities of some Chicanos to hone their skills as writers of Spanish, their bilingual culture clearly fostered an exuberant and compelling oral tradition. It has thus generally been by way of the emphasis on oral literary creativity that these Chicano writers, whose English- language works are sometimes uninspired, developed the powerful and arresting language that characterized their Spanish-language works. This Spanish-English difference is not surprising. When writing in Spanish, these authors stayed close to the spoken traditions of their communities where publication, support, and instructive response would come quickly in local or regional newspapers. Works in English, however, often required the elimination of nuance or colloquialism, the adoption of a formal tone, and the adjustment of themes or ideas to satisfy the different demands of national publications.

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The passage is primarily concerned with doing which of the following?

  • A Debating the historical value of a literary movement
  • B Describing and accounting for a difference in literary styles
  • C Explaining a publishing decision and evaluating its results
  • D Analyzing the expectations of a particular group of readers
  • E Classifying several kinds of literary production

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