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What little scholarship has existed on Ernest Hemingway--considering his stature--has focused on trying to unmask the man behind the bravura. Ultimately, most of these works have done little more than to show that Hemingway the myth and Hemingway the man were not too dissimilar (Hemingway lived to hunt big game so should we be surprised at his virility, not to mention that of many of the author's--chiefly male--protagonists?). In the last few years, several biographies have reversed this trend, focusing on Hemingway near the end of his life: isolated and paranoid, the author imagined the government was chasing him (he was not completely wrong on this account). Ironically, the hunter had become the hunted, and in that sense, these latest biographers have provided--perhaps unwittingly--the most human portrait of the writer yet.

Question List: 1

It can be inferred from the passage that the author considers the latest Hemingway biographies a departure from traditional biographies in that these latest biographies

  • A focus on a much overlooked aspect of the writer's body of work
  • B depict Hemingway in a manner that is at odds with the myth of Hemingway
  • C claim that Hemingway was similar to several of his chief protagonists in his books
  • D suggest that Hemingway lacked the virility many associated with him
  • E do not attempt to explore the link between Hemingway the man and Hemingway the myth

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