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At the Shadybrook dog kennel, all the adult animals were given a new medication designed to reduce a dog's risk of contracting a certain common infection. Several days after the medication was administered, most of the puppies of these dogs had elevated temperatures. Since raised body temperature is a side effect of this medication, the kennel owner hypothesized that the puppies' elevated temperatures resulted from the medication's being passed to them through their mothers' milk.

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Which of the following, if true, provides the most support for the kennel owner's hypothesis?

  • A Some puppies have been given the new medication directly but have not suffered elevated temperatures as a side effect.
  • B The new medication has been well received by dog breeders as a safe and effective way of preventing the spread of certain common canine infections.
  • C None of the four puppies in the kennel who had been bottle-fed with formula had elevated temperatures.
  • D an elevated temperature is a side effect of a number of medications for dogs other than the new medication administered at the kennel.
  • E Elevated temperatures such as those suffered by most of the puppies in the kennel rarely have serious long-term effects on a puppy's health.

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