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Two impressive studies have reexamined Eric Williams' conclusion that Britain's abolition of the slave trade in 18th century were driven primarily by economic rather than humanitarian motives. Seymour Drescher provides a more (i)_____view. Rejecting interpretations based either on economic interest or the moral vision of abolitionists, he has reconstructed the populist characteristics of British abolitionism. Yet David Eltis' answer actually supports some of Williams' insights. (ii)_____Drescher' s idealization of British traditions of liberty, Eltis points to continuing use of low wages and draconian vagrancy laws in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries to ensure the (iii)_____of British workers. Indeed, certain notables even called for an acceptance of coerced labor that Eltis attributes to a preindustrial desire to keep it costs low and exports competitive.

A balanced D Eschewing G industriousness
B serried E Ensconcing H indolence
C inconceivable F Bolstering I Bolstering

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